About the Artist

Lili Brener gained an early affinity and appreciation for a diverse body of art. She was born to a family of avid collectors and true art enthusiasts. Lili’s raw talent is unparalleled. Over the last half of a century, Ms. Brener has created an incredible collection of works ranging from drawings to brass sculptures with her most critically acclaimed works being her oil and mixed media paintings. Lili’s work has been shown all over the world and is some of Latin Americas most coveted. 

Though art was in her blood from an early age, her true passion was helping others. Since childhood Lili has had the goal of making the world a better place, helping as many people as she can along the way. As a child she would accompany her mother to Cuernavaca where they would spend the day volunteering at Eshel, which was an organization to help the elderly Jewish community in Mexico. It was initially because of her mother’s influence that Lili learned the importance of community, and helping those in need. 

Lili studied at La Academia de San Carlos under the direction of Luis Nishizawa for many years. She credits Nishizawa for helping her to develop her signature technique. After getting married she was invited to take part in painting classes with Rolando Belfay. That is when she allowed her imagination to lead and truly expressed her emotions on canvas.  Rene Magritte, a world renowned surrealistic artist, was one of Lili’s greatest influences. He helped her to hone in on her creativity and to allow her craziness to take over the canvas. Her works consist of many hidden autobiographical elements. During her tenure, Lili’s paintings traveled the world and have won many awards. Today, some of Lili’s works are displayed at the Hear The Joy Foundation and help to inspire those who have suffered hearing loss. 

As fate would have it, when Lili relocated with her second husband to Houston, TX, they invited a young couple over for dinner and one of the men was an executive at MD Anderson.  After seeing Lili’s beautiful art he asked if she would be interested in working with the youth art initiative at the MD Anderson cancer center. 

While working with The Children Art Project at MD Anderson, Lili had the privilege of teaching the youth art program. She worked to build a diverse and inclusive program where she incorporated Jewish holidays into her class celebrations. She managed to establish a fundraising program that still lives on today.  Many of the youth have passed on but their legacy lives on and continues to support future generations. The youth from the program created a series of greeting cards that are sold in the gift shop and online where 100% of the proceeds go back to the MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

Twice widowed and single mother to three children, Lili found her art as a place of peace and expression.  She was always able to retreat to her canvas but her true passion remained spending time with those in need.

Lili now resides in Los Angeles and loves spending time with her children and three grandchildren. She has generously donated some of her archived pieces to the Hear The Joy Foundation. As a member of the Brener Family, Lili has committed to continuing in her family legacy of leaving the world better than we found it.